About Me

Hi my name is Chad Rios, I am 24 years old and I am currently enrolled at the University of North Texas. I am also part of the Google Coursera UNT combination program and I am receiving my Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. I am a junior at UNT and have completed all of the connected Google Courses for Google’s UX Design Certification, which I have received.

I have always been interested in technology. Beginning when I was a kid and learning to make youtube videos with my friends to now designing web-pages and mobile apps, and creating social media posts, technology has always been the field I want to work in. I have worked as hard as I possibly can to prepare myself for any role that I would need to take. I started to work on the Google Coursera Ux Design courses and have now fully  completed all seven courses. I also have fully completed the Google IT Support Specialization. This platform has taught me many things such as, wireframing, prototyping, mockups, usability studies,  the use of Figma, Adobe and many other concepts and  products. While working on the Coursera platform, I then transferred colleges to the University of North Texas, and I am working to complete my  Bachelors Degree  of Applied Arts and Sciences. This major now allows me to take more Ux focused courses, social media courses,  as well as courses that are for Social Wellness and Community. These classes will help to ensure I will have the knowledge needed to provide as a great employee and fulfill all responsibilities I might have. 

Resume and Certificates